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fallout equestria





made her watch

'"those… those horrible vines...they trapped her up there, h-high on the h-h-hill where she could see what happened to her equestria. as it was p-poisoned, and destroyed…” her tear-filled eyes stared into mine. "pip, they made her watch!”

i hugged the kind unicorn who had once been my idol and who had become one of my dearest friends. i couldn’t bring myself to mention my own heartbreaking suspicions: that for centuries, the killing joke had used her as bait, luring victims to the clearing and torturing them in front of her. it was intentional cruelty, i was sure of it. how could plants be so vile?' - fallout equestria

never trust a plant.

[background for anyone who cares: poison joke was subdued by the presence of the elements in everfree; once the elements were removed the plant's jokes became more sadistic.]