Urocitellus parryii

(Arctic ground squirrel)

Image Caption:
Male squirrels may store seeds in their hibernaculm, but much of the energy required for hibernation is from body fat and some is from metabolized protein (Feldhammer, 2003).  The males regain most of the lost weight before emerging due to their food stores, but females emerge from winter hibernation about one third lighter (Feldhammer, 2003)

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Spermophilus richardsonii (Richardson's ground squirrel) Terrestrial Alarm
Works Cited:

Feldhamer, G. A., Thompson, B. C., & Chapman, J. A.  (2003). Wild Mammals of North America.  JHU Press.

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Image Location: Canada, Yukon Territory
Image Date: 2010
Image Species: Urocitellus parryii

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