Urocitellus parryii

(Arctic ground squirrel)

Image Caption:
A litter of Arctic ground squirrels venture out to forage and play.  For Arctic ground squirrels litter size at birth averaged 5.8 (n=14), and at first emergence, 3.6 (n=29), although the average number that emerged increased to 4.2 with supplemental food and artifical protection from predators (Karels, et. al., 2000).

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Spermophilus richardsonii (Richardson's ground squirrel) Young (Litter)
Works Cited:

Karels, T. J., Byrom, A. E., Boonstra, R., and Krebs, C. J.  (2000)  Thre interactive effects of food and predators on reproduction and overwinter survival of arctic ground squirrels.  Journal of Animal Ecology 69:235-47.

Image Location: Canada, Yukon Territory
Image Date: 2011
Image Species: Urocitellus parryii

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